Public Agenda
TYPE: Special Closed Session Meeting
DATE: 1/31/2023 TIME: 10:00 AM
LOCATION: Mountain View Community Center - Cedar Room, 201 S. Rengstorff Avenue, Mountain
1.0 Call to Order
1.1 Call to Order Action
1.2 Roll Call Info
1.3 Approval of the Meeting Agenda Action
2.0 Special Closed Session Agenda
2.1 Superintendent's Evaluation Info/Action
3.0 Public Comment
3.1 Public Comment on Item Listed on the Special Closed Session Board Meeting Agenda Info
4.0 Adjourn to Special Closed Session
4.1 Adjourn to Closed Session Action
5.0 Reconvene Into Open Session
5.1 Reconvene into Open Session Action
6.0 Report On Action Taken in Special Closed Session
6.1 Report on Action Taken in Closed Session Info
7.0 Adjournment
7.1 Adjourn Meeting Action